How To Install WordPress in cPanel

WordPress is a very powerful Website Design Software/Platform and is also a very powerful and efficient content management system (CMS) that many of our customers take advantage of. It makes it easy to build Modern Websites and blogs with search engine optimization (SEO) gains. There are hundreds or ready made Themes and Plugins to take advantage of. Also, you can build websites using drag and drop front-end page builders. Therefore, We recommend WordPress to users anyone who doesn’t know how to code or any web designer who needs to build websites at a much quicker rate. 


Mashjoy Web Hosting’s platform is tailor made to host WordPress Websites. All Web Hosting Packages come with a ready to install WordPress Installer built into cPanel.


So before we get started on how to install WordPress, keep in mind that the Mashjoy’s Support Team can quickly assist you if you run into any installation problems. But for the most part you shouldn’t be worried. It’s very easy to do the installation. 

Step 1: Log into Mashjoy Hosting Client Area.



Step 2: Select Services.



Step 3: Select the domain you'd like to install Wordpress under. Emails on iOS2.png


Step 4: Login into cPanel.



Step 5: Inside cPanel, Scroll all the way down until you find Softaculous Installer, Then Click WordPress.



Step 6: Click Install WordPress.



Step 7: Fill In the Details of your WordPress website. Then Click Install in the end. 



Step 8: You Have Now Successfully Installed WordPress, Keep note of the WordPress Admin Login Link. Use this Link to access the back-end of your WordPress Website. to install WordPress 6.png


Step 9 and 10 Are About Login Into your WordPress Website Dashboard.


Step 9: Login to your WordPress website using Enter your Username and Password to Login.

Step 10: You are now logged into the Dashboard Area of your Website, Here you can install a New Theme and Plugins to start building your website/blog.

End of Tutorial. 


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