How to Fund your Hosting Account (Adding funds to your wallet)

Have you ever wondered how you can Add Funds into your Hosting Account to avoid those monthly Payment Reminders?

We have integrated a way inside Client Area to Add Mass Funds in Advance, These Funds will be allocated to your account as future credit and will automatically be deducted each time an invoice is raised in your account. Here's How to do it:

Step 1:  Login to your Account.

Step 2: Choose Invoices. to Login1.png

Step 3: Click Add Funds Button (see Top Left)

Step 4: Add the Amount you wish to add. Funds to Mashjoy Client Area1.jpg

Step 5: Complete the deposit by making the payment Online. You will receive payment notifications and your remaining balance will always reflect each time you login to Client Area. Funds to Mashjoy Client Area1.jpg


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